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Common Problems in Processing of Grinding Mill Plant

Date:2017-01-06 08:58

Grinding Mill Plant is used in more and more areas, grinding technology especially ultrafine grinding technology is a new milling engineering technology developed along with modern high-tech and materials industry. It has become one of the deep-processing technologies of milling of industrial minerals and other raw materials, and has a very important significance for development of modern high-tech industry. There are some common problems in processing of Grinding Mill Plant, how do we solve them?

1.low efficiency of Grinding Mill Plant. If the milling efficiency of Grinding Mill Plant is low, mainly because the spindle speed is too low, power is lacking, tape too loose or serious wear, grinding gap will become smaller, which will affect the flow. Now you should properly adjust the distance to make grinding teeth blunt, to deal with static, dynamic grinding position. If screening equipment is inefficient, you should adjust and clear the screening components.

2.if the powder temperature of grinding mill equipment is high, it's because the speed exceeds the rated target, the crushing device produces too much heat, material temperature will be higher. Feeding too much will increase the load of the machine, too small grinding gap will make the power consumption increase, the material flow rate decrease, the material temperature higher. Material moisture content is high, the material mobility will be poor, power consumption will be large.

Grinding Mill Plant

3.If the particle size of material in grinding equipment is rough, the material contains impurities, mainly due to the screen too thin or damaged, so that some impurities into the powder; Material has too little moisture content,  too dry material makes small material mixed into the powder; Material flow is too small, fine powder is smaller.
4.rotation of bearings in Grinding Mill Plant is not flexible, the temperature rises. mainly due to more dust in bearing and it affects the rotation; The belt is too tight and cause bearing heat; Work flow is too large, grinding gap is too small, moisture content in the material is too high and it causes too large machine load. This leads to bearing temperature rise and damage; bearing cover felt wear and failure, so that dust goes into the bearing, affecting its rotation and makes temperature rise.
In recent years, the rapid development of crusher and grinding mill industry, makes more and more production and processing enterprises into this area. Powder milling technology of Clirik has very quick progress from the powder production, application and research and development of equipment manufacturing. New equipment, new products continue to appear in the market, showing a strong vitality. Welcome to buy Grinding Mill Plant, which is used to deal with diferent stones and ores. 

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