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Graphite superfine powder grinding mill

Date:2017-07-14 09:11


The application value of graphite as we all know, in refractory, electrical, conductive and other industry are widely used in the field of deep processing, graphite, superfine grinding machine can be said as we all know, not only has the rolling, milling, grinding and other mechanical properties of the impact, but also equipped with a mandatory turbine grading system can process 300-3000 mesh graphite high quality products, graphite is choice of efficient and environmentally friendly processing.

Graphite or graphite products is widely used in industry, for the production of high temperature smelting crucible, the mechanical industrial lubricants, electrode and pencil lead; graphite or graphite products are widely used in metallurgy industry, high-grade refractory materials and coatings, military industrial explosive materials stabilizer, light industry, electrical industry pencil brush, battery industrial electrode and catalyst in the chemical fertilizer industry. Graphite through deep processing, and production of graphite, graphite sealing material and composite material, graphite products, graphite antifriction additives and other high-tech products of graphite, graphite or graphite products become an important non-metallic mineral raw materials of various industrial departments.

From the perspective of the application of graphite, we can learn that by processing advanced milling technology can not only improve the utilization rate of graphite resources, but also can help enterprises to improve the market competitiveness of products, create more profits and value. We as a professional production of milling equipment manufacturers, with rich experience and advanced production technology in graphite equipment manufacturing, according to customer demand customized exclusive milling, superfine grinding machine, and give the corresponding price, create more profits for the graphite powder project customer.


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