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Which Factors Can Affect the Yield of Vertical Roller Mill

Date:2018-06-01 09:20

As we all know, that the vertical roller mill is one of a high efficiency stone powder grinding machines, but there also have many factors could affect the yield of vertical roller mill, so which factors can affect the yield of vertical roller mill? Please read this article.

The first important factor is, the nature of the material itself directly determines the degree of difficulty of crushing and grinding of Vertical Roller Mill. Such as the hardness, humidity, viscosity, powder content, etc., have a direct impact on the vertical roller mill output. The greater the hardness is, the worse the grind ability is. When the moisture content of the material is large, adhesion phenomenon is easy to see. Under normal circumstances, if the required fineness of grinding is higher, vertical mill production line needs more grinding times, the yield will be smaller naturally.

The second factor is the performance, structure, the material of wear-resistant parts, and supporting system performance of vertical roller mill. Material of wear parts has a great impact on the crushing process of materials. So we must take more care of our vertical roller mill daily maintain, and replace the grinding parts in time.

Good material not only has good grinding effect, but also has a long replacement cycle, which ensures continuous work of the vertical roller mill. Therefore, customers must choose high quality vertical roller mill manufacturer. The better the wear resistance, the greater the ability. Thanks for your reading.


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