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A Powerful Barite Grinding Machine

Date:2017-04-07 08:22

As we all know, the barite grinding machine is very powerful, we usually use barite grinding machine in our daily work for many miners, we try to understand the powerful barite grinding machine today.

Barite grinding machine is a new generation of milling equipment improved from traditional Raymond mill, is the most commonly used industrial milling mill, it is suitable for a variety of powder preparation, coal preparation, such as powder processing raw ore, gypsum ore, coal and other materials. From the shape of barite powder machine stone like a steel container is erected, inlet, outlet, the inlet. Shape is similar to the traditional Raymond mill. The rotary center line is vertical stick Raymond mill.


Barite grinding machine is arranged at the lower part of the motor drives the mill grinding roller and the internal rotation of the grinding disk will be grinding material crushing or grinding, through the air inlet of the wind blowing finished material, the upper mill separator can be separated by coarse powder, and then through the mill by the wind outlet with a collection of. Compared with the ball mill, the utility model has the advantages of high efficiency, low power consumption, small occupation area and less investment.

And barite grinding machine is mainly used in oil, chemical industry, paint, packing and other industrial sectors, including 80 to 90% used in petroleum drilling mud weighting agent. Barite powder is mainly used to note oil drilling, oil and gas well drilling mud circulation rotary weighting agent cooling drill, debris, cutting away down the lubrication pipe, closed the hole wall, oil and gas pressure control to prevent flowing.


Barite powder or natural barium sulfate, mud weighting agent products are mainly used in petroleum and natural gas drilling, production of lithopone or as shielding X ray agent for medicine, atomic energy industry, vehicle brake materials, packing tape, high-grade paint, hospital gravity wall radiation industry. We can get barite powder easily by using barite grinding machine.




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