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Ore Grinding Powder Production Line Needed Machines

Source:Shanghai Clirik Machinery Posted:01-13-2021 10:51

Regarding the configuration of the ore grinding powder production line, more needs to be carefully designed according to the site survey situation or the actual requirements of customers. This not only fully reflects the rationality, effectiveness, and applicability of its design, but also effectively reflects its significant characteristics such as wide selection, reasonable supporting, reliable quality, and high cost performance. At the same time, according to different process requirements, it can also provide the overall design and construction plan of the grinding operation, as well as the turnkey project in the grinding field, so as to meet the different process requirements of customers.

In order to better ensure that new and old customers have a basic concept of the ore grinding powder production line, Shanghai Clirik will explain and explain the basic equipment of the ore grinding ensure that the material enters the crusher evenly, avoiding the phenomenon of congestion and feeding.

1. Crusher-jaw crusher. The jaw crusher can be described as the core equipment in the mining crusher industry. It is suitable for the medium and fine crushing operations of various soft and medium-hard ores, and the jaw crusher is the primary stage of the initial program crushing in many gravel processing. Operating equipment, so it is a very good choice to be responsible for the initial breaking of ore.

2. Feeding and transportation equipment-bucket elevator and vibrating feeder. Bucket elevator is a type of transportation equipment that is suitable for all kinds of granular ore clay, sand powder ore clay and vertical lifting from bottom to top. Therefore, the main responsibility in the ore grinding powder production line is to upgrade the primary processed ore transport. The main function of the vibrating feeder is to ensure that the material enters the crusher evenly, avoiding the phenomenon of congestion and feeding.

3. Powder making grinding machine etc. The grinding mill is an indispensable powder preparation equipment in the ore grinding powder production line, and the ultra fine grindingmill is a commonly used pulverizer. However, as the fineness of ore powder preparation becomes stricter, new high-efficiency milling equipment such as ultra-fine grinding and integrated suspension roller mills have begun to appear. Of course, when customers choose to purchase, they still have to make a more suitable choice according to production requirements.

4. Other equipment-powder separator. The classifier is a grading equipment for ore powder, which can effectively send the fine powder to the collection device and provide convenience for finished product packaging.

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