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Raymond Mill Processing Steps

Source:Shanghai Clirik Machinery Posted:01-20-2021 11:19

There are many kinds of ore powder grinding equipment, and the most widely used one is Raymond mill. The machine is a complete system, including the main engine, fan, analyzer, powder collector, dust collector and other components. After installation, it needs frequent refueling maintenance, inspection and maintenance. So what factors determine the output of Raymond mills?

First of all, after the Raymond mill model is determined, the output is not always the same. It is necessary to clear the working principle of the Raymond ,ill and the skills of adjusting the air volume. The Raymond mill is sealed and environmentally friendly. After the material enters the working cavity of the main engine, it is pulverized by the grinding roller and the grinding ring, and through the combined action of the fan and the analyzer, the material with the fineness is selected. The machine is designed with positive and negative pressure, so the seal must be tight, and the leakage will affect the output. Suspended rollers are used to crush materials, and the hardness of the materials is required to be below 9.3 on the Mohs scale. The higher the hardness, the lower the output, and the more serious wear of the grinding roller and grinding ring.

There is also humidity and viscosity. Materials with low humidity and low viscosity have high output. It is recommended that materials that are too wet must be dried or dried before entering the mainframe of the Raymond mill for processing. The feed particle size of the Raymond mill is required to be a mixture below 5CM. The feed particle size should not be too large or too fine. Too big will cause serious wear on the grinding roller and grinding ring. Too fine a small grinding layer and low output; It is recommended that the mixture with the feed size controlled below 3CM is more suitable, so that the grinding layer is large and it is not easy to wear the grinding roller and grinding ring. Another thing is that, at the position of the powder collector's discharge port, do not lift the pressure rod upwards. Lifting will easily cause the return air to take away the material, which will seriously affect the output, and the equipment is also prone to shock.

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