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Celebrate the cooperation with Ronghui Lime Powder Processin

Source:Shanghai Clirik Machinery Posted:04-09-2021 09:37

Xiwuzhumuqinqi Ronghui Lime Powder Processing Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the grinding of lime powder. The main requirement for purchasing the machine this time is to process high calcium stone.

After the early online docking service, on April 8th, Mr. Wu and Mr. Zhu of Ronghui company came to visit our company. Our company warmly received and arranged technical staff to lead a tour of our exhibition hall.

corporation with ronghui

In response to their requirements for the fineness of lime powder grinding materials, our technology proposes a professional solution. Considering the output, energy consumption, and fineness of the finished product, it is finally recommended to use an ultrafine powder grinding mill. The technicians led a tour and explained the superfine powder grinder one by one.

The customer was very satisfied with our service and products. In the pleasant negotiation, the customer showed their trust in us and reached a cooperation on the spot, and finally selected this series of HGM125L model machine.