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How to replace the grinding roller

Source:Shanghai Clirik Machinery Posted:06-28-2021 17:33

Ultra-fine grinding mill‎‎ ‎‎ is a kind of grinding equipment which is more popular in powder processing industry. Depending on the yield size is divided into different models, but whether it is large ultra-fine grinding mill or small Raymond mill can not avoid the wear of the grinding roller grinding ring, how to replace the grinding roller grinding ring damage?‎

The removal of ultra-fine grinding roller grinding ring ‎

‎Want to replace consumables first need to remove the worn parts, but this removal is also a technical work, need certain steps, hasty removal certainly can not achieve our goal. Some manufacturers may want to save time will let manufacturers send people to tear down after-sales, but in general, manufacturers arrange technical personnel to the factory need a certain amount of time, if our grinding roller grinding ring wear serious case, continue production is not only low output, electricity consumption, labor costs are also very high, so they find out how to remove the grinder roller is beneficial and harmless. ‎

‎Methods and procedures for removing the ultra-fine grinder rollers: ‎

‎1. First remove the ultra-fine grinding body on the left side of the shield, triangular belt, flat belt and fast rollers on the double pulley; ‎

‎2. And then remove the right side of the fuselage gear box and size gear; ‎

‎3. Then remove the rod spring assembly, remove the grinding door, remove the left and right, front and rear patches and four housing assembly. At this point, the grinding roller can be gently removed from the grinding door.‎

Ultra-fine grinding machine grinding roller grinding ring installation ‎

‎After the ultra-fine grinding wear parts are removed, the installation and removal of the front and rear of the smooth loading of the newly purchased grinding rollers can be.‎

ultrafine grinding mill

The replacement of ultra-fine grinding roller grinding ring precautions ‎

‎1. The new roller device before and after use should carefully check whether the connection bolt nut plug is loose phenomenon; ‎

‎2. Whether the grease is sufficient and so on; ‎

‎3. In the process of replacing bearings to pay attention to an important thing is that the bearings do not enter the sand or other impurities, which will affect the normal work of bearings, but also will make the life of the roller greatly reduced, this is to pay special attention to; ‎

‎4. The other grinding roller device use time of more than 500 hours or so to replace the roller, the roller sleeve of the rolling bearings must be cleaned, the damaged parts should be replaced; ‎

‎5. Refueling tools can be manual refueling or butter refueling.‎