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When the industrial grinding mill is working in the rainy se

Source:Shanghai Clirik Machinery Posted:07-01-2021 17:49

‎The rainy season comes and the powder grinder needs to pay attention to these to work properly‎:

‎We know that ‎‎the grinding mill‎‎ on the material requirements have humidity requirements, rain and more this will lead to the powder grinder in the work will be affected, if the humidity of the material exceeds the grinder requirements, will cause some damage to the mill, thereby reducing the production efficiency of the mill, a rain will become wet and if there is no good protective measures equipment will appear rusty situation, below to share some in the rainy day should be if the correct operation of the mill.‎

‎First of all, on rainy days to do a good job on the equipment's motor and each circuit to do a good job of waterproof protection, and secondly, if the equipment encountered rain rust, should be added to the lubricant necessary rust when the boot to work, and to the equipment around the regular paint to prevent rust.‎

‎Second, on rainy days the moisture of the material will be too large, if forced production will not only reduce production efficiency will also cause some damage to equipment, so before work on the material treatment, and secondly in the boot work.‎

‎Grinding mill machine belongs to the mine grinding powder equipment, internal spare parts belong to wear-resistant parts, ore hardness is high, wear-resistant parts wear fast, so, the need for grinding machine for a period of time need to be replaced once, so reasonable maintenance and maintenance of grinding powder body parts, not only can maintain grinding powder Machine normal operation, but also can increase the replacement of wear parts cycle, save money, grinding machine in maintenance often have some easy to ignore the details, and then popularize some maintenance details for users, so that it will be more comprehensive maintenance skills of grinding equipment, production handy.‎

‎First of all, in the grinding production line, for grinding machine equipment large pieces such as: grinding rollers, grinding rings, blades and other consumables should be on the machine use time recorded, regular replacement, maintenance. Grinding mill has a lot of parts, so we need special attention, do a good job of machine maintenance.‎

‎In particular, the grinding equipment body internal grinding roller device, if the production of such a maintenance process, it is easy to lead to the grinding roller device closed tightly, so that it into the powder affects the quality of production. Therefore, should be in accordance with the prescribed time to refuel or regular cleaning, replacement of oil seals, will contain hidden dangers in the bud stage.‎

‎Secondly, the user needs to pay attention to the grinder's analysis machine shaft wear or bearing damage to produce gaps, is one of the factors in the production of the analysis machine constantly swinging, so repair or replace shafts and bearings, adjustment of clearance is a very necessary process. Fan in the production is also easy to cause the above vibration phenomenon, so moderate removal of leaf powder or replacement of leaves; Repairing or replacing shafts and bearings is also a production detail that should be taken into account in production.‎

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