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How to correct the plum blossom frame of Raymond mill

Source:Shanghai Clirik Machinery Posted:07-14-2021 09:37

The plum blossom frame is the core component of the ultra-fine Raymond mill. It needs to rotate smoothly and evenly in the equipment to work normally. How can we correct the deformation of the plum blossom frame?
1. The reason for the deformation of the plum blossom frame of the superfine Raymond mill is that the main shaft is rotating and encounters foreign objects, which causes the main shaft to block. And the objects of its own force are the pin shaft and the quincunx, which are easily deformed.
2. When the host enters a foreign object, such as a large iron block falling to the bottom of the grinding chamber, the rotating wear is in it.
First, the blade is broken, the bottom of the grinding roller is stressed, and the force extends upward.
The axle pin and the quincunx are at the place where the bending moment is large. At this time, the axle pin is bent, and the two cross arms of the quincunx are deformed into lower left and higher right. At this time, the machine will not work.
Raymond mill
3. The plum blossom frame of the Raymond mill can be used normally if the deformation is not serious. If the deformation is serious, you need to replace it with a new plum blossom stand in time and correct it.
The correction of the quincunx is mainly to correct the two moment arms to a uniform horizontal position and maintain balance. Only in this way can it be ensured that during the operation of the equipment, vibration will not be caused by unbalanced rotation, and the adaptation time of the bearing will be reduced.
4. The plastic tool for the deformation of the quincunx is a press. Just find the right fulcrum and apply pressure to the extended arm at the deformed place.
If there is no press in the production, the deformed part can be burned with flame and be corrected by hammering.
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