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The main factors affecting the efficiency of vertical mills

Source:Shanghai Clirik Machinery Posted:07-20-2021 10:48

(1) Influence of ore properties
The composition and physical properties of the ore have a great influence on the efficiency of grinding technology. For example, when the useful minerals in the ore have a coarser grain size and a loose and brittle structure, they are easier to grind. However, it is more difficult to grind when the grain size of the useful minerals becomes finer, the structure is dense and the hardness is greater.
Generally speaking, coarse-grained grades are easier to grind and produce acceptable particle sizes faster, while fine-grinding is more difficult. As the particle size decreases, the fragile surface of the material also decreases, that is, it becomes stronger and stronger, so the rate of producing qualified particle size is slower. Therefore, the grinding efficiency of coarse grinding is higher than that of fine grinding.
(2) The influence of equipment factors
Vertical mill equipment factors have a certain impact on the efficiency of grinding technology. For example, the contact surface between the main grinding roller of the mill and the liner affects the grinding efficiency. The dust collection efficiency of the dust collector of the mill is related to the grinding efficiency. In addition, the classifier that forms a closed circuit with the ore mill is likely to be over-crushed when the classification efficiency is low, which will reduce the efficiency of the grinding technology.
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(3) The influence of operating factors
Operating factors will undoubtedly affect the efficiency of grinding technology. For example, in closed-circuit grinding, when the returned sand ratio is too large and exceeds the normal passing capacity of the grinding machine, the phenomenon of "roughening" will occur in the grinding products. If the sand return ratio is too small or there is no sand return, it is easy to cause over crushing.
Also, if the load is too large, the "roughness" phenomenon in the grinding products will be serious, and the load will be severe if the load is insufficient.
Therefore, it is required to feed the ore uniformly and stably during sanding. When the amount of ore feed is large or small, it will affect the improvement of the efficiency of grinding technology. The unreasonable determination of the grain size of each stage of grinding also affects the efficiency of grinding technology.
(4) The influence of grinding feed rate
The grinding feed rate has a great influence on the efficiency of grinding technology. Because the grinding feed rate directly affects the grinding time, if the feed is too fast, the material will increase in the mill. The large amount of material to be ground increases the pressure of the main machine of the mill, which easily leads to a decrease in the efficiency of the mill. Cause the phenomenon of "run rough".