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What are the effects of poor sealing of Raymond mill?

Source:Shanghai Clirik Machinery Posted:07-28-2021 13:41

During the grinding production of Raymond mill, if the sealing performance of the equipment is not good, not only will the phenomenon of dust overflow occur, but also the air pressure inside the equipment will change. These conditions will cause the environmental protection to fail to meet the production requirements. It will also cause changes in the working state of the equipment, and the production efficiency will also decrease as a result. The following editor will analyze the impact of poor sealing in detail.
raymond mill
1. Dust spillage
When the sealing performance of the Raymond mill is not good, there will be a phenomenon of dust spillage, which will directly cause environmental pollution, which will make the equipment unable to meet the requirements of environmental protection. At the same time, the spilled dust will also affect the health of the staff. Therefore, ensuring the sealing of the equipment is one of the important tasks in the production of powder.
2. Lubricating oil is contaminated
In the production of Raymond powder mill, when the sealing performance of the equipment is not good, the dust will enter the inside of the bearing, and the lubricating oil will be contaminated as a result, which will not have a good lubrication effect and will speed up The wear of the bearing causes the bearing to be damaged, and its service life will be reduced as a result, thereby increasing the maintenance cost of the bearing and increasing the cost of grinding powder production.
3. Changes in internal air pressure
When the Raymond mill is working, changes in the sealing of the equipment will cause the internal air pressure of the machine to change, which will cause the internal wind to change, which will not only affect the production efficiency of the equipment, but also affect the size of the finished product. And there may also be the phenomenon of powder back sucking, which will affect the production efficiency.
The above is about the impact of the poor sealing of the Raymond mill. Welcome to consult with customers!