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Powder Grinding Mill Structure Characteristics

Source:Shanghai Clirik Machinery Posted:04-12-2019 13:08

When we talk about grinding mill, what's your most concern parts? As we all know that the grinding mill is one of stone powder grinding machines that can be used in more than 200 kinds of stone materials powder grinding, including calcium carbonate, calcite, gypsum, mica, marble, carbon black, dolomite, limestone, graphite and so on. It can be used in minerals 300-2500 mesh powder grinding, and according to your different choice of powder fineness, the capacity can up to 1-45 t/h. HGM micro powder grinding mill is a new type stone grinding mills, compare with common grinding mills, what's advantages the HGM micro powder grinding mill has?

1. The HGM micro powder grinding mill is using a vertical structure now, the covers area is small, but the complete sets are strong, it is a separate production system from the block to the finished product powder

2. Fineness of finished powder is uniform, through the screening rate can be up to 99%, which is difficult to have for the other grinding mill

3. The transmission of the grinding mill is adopted closed gear box and pulley, which could ensure stable transmission and reliable operation

4.Important parts of the grinding mill are made up of the high quality steel, wear resistant parts are used in high performance and wear-resistant materials, the whole wear-resistant has a high-performance, operation reliablely

5. Centralized control of the electrical system, the grinding plant even can be unattended operation, and easy to maintenance

HGM micro powder grinding mill