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Indian customers choose our factory's micro grinding mill eq

Source:Shanghai Clirik Machinery Posted:06-02-2021 12:17

The Indian customer is a local glass processing manufacturer in India. The glass powder has good transparency, high hardness, and uniform particle size distribution. The annual output is 600 mesh glass powder 50,000 tons. The equipment to be inspected this time is our company's HGM series 80 type micro grinding mill. This kind of micro grinding mill is made by our company for customers who process glass powder. Processing glass powder with this equipment has large output and energy consumption. Low advantage.
Due to the heavy weight of glass powder, there is currently no glass grinding equipment that can fully meet the needs of major customers in China. Our company's micro grinding mill equipment is domestic and has been loved by glass processing customers since its listing, especially in the Middle East and the Americas. Customers in the region have a higher pursuit of high output and high performance glass milling equipment. The emergence of this device successfully hit the hard power made in China.
micro powder grinding mill
Customer glass fine powder project introduction: Glass processing fineness: 200-600 mesh high quality glass processing.
Estimated production capacity: 3 tons per hour. The customer chose our company's HGM micro grinding mill machine for 24 hours non-stop production.
 Through the discussion of engineering and technical personnel, first from the feasibility of glass processing, the market forecast made a detailed plan for the customer. The selection of HGM80 micro grinding mill equipment has also been precisely calculated by the engineers of Clirik, and it can meet the needs of customers in terms of output and fineness.