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Today's customer visit - limestone grinding mill

Source:Shanghai Clirik Machinery Posted:05-19-2021 14:24

At ten o'clock in the morning, our company welcomed Manager Liu from Anshun, Guizhou, China. Manager Liu's company is doing limestone processing. This time I came to our company mainly to inspect our company's strength on the spot. We learned that Manager Liu’s factory mainly processes 500-600 mesh limestone, and the approximate output requirement is 5-6 tons per hour. Subsequently, our company arranged professional technicians to lead Manager Liu to visit our product exhibition hall. In the exhibition hall, according to the actual production needs of customers, the technicians introduced to Manager Liu the performance advantages and working principle of our HGM series ultra fine grinding mill in detail.

      limestone grinding mill
There are 5 models of HGM ultra fine grinding mill limestone grinding mill, which can meet the requirements of 300-3000 mesh limestone powder grinding. The output can reach up to 45 tons per hour, and it has a small footprint, simple operation and high cost performance. Through the explanation of the technicians, Manager Liu is very pleased with our HGM series mills, and hopes that our company can work out the best plan according to the actual situation as soon as possible.

HGM ultra fine grinding mill is a high-efficiency and low-energy environmentally friendly powder grinder independently developed by our company. In addition to grinding limestone, it can also grind other ores with a Mohs hardness less than 7, including calcite, talc, quartzite, diatomaceous earth, and so on. Are you looking for the right ore powder grinding mill? Leave your grinding materials and production requirements, CLIRIK can provide you with the best solution for free, what are you waiting for? Act now!