After-sales service

Clirik's grinding mill sold, more warm after-sales service by Shanghai clirik

  • After-sales service

    • 1 Installation and debugging service

      We have a professional and experienced oversea installation team. So far they have successfully finished installation and commissioning for thousands of projects. Our engineer will not leave until our clients are satisfied with our machine.

    • 2 Training service

      We do not only install and debug machine for our clients, but also train the worker, so they can operate the machine independently.

      Train the start-up process, teardown method, common problems and maintenance service.

    • 3 Other more service

      Clients have any needs or problems; our engineer can take plane and get the worksite to provide service in 48 hours.

      Maintenance and replacement service.For some problems, our clients can not solve through our guide. Our engineer will get to the running site and solve the problem on time.

      Reminding for the service life of the wearing parts.Our sales engineer will remind you the time to change the wearing parts before wear parts cannot work to avoid influencing normal production.

      Profile database for clients.We have archives department, we guarantee we have the records for any customers that have bought machine from us. And We will according the records to provide specialized service and update the machine with our latest technology.