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Pyrophyllite powder use and pyrophyllite powder mill

Source:Shanghai Clirik Machinery Posted:06-04-2021 13:47

Pyrophyllite is a kind of clay mineral, suitable for the blank (mold) for synthetic diamond, ceramics, refractory materials, glass fiber, carving stone, etc. It can be widely used in ceramics, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, light industry, and other industrial sectors.

Mineral characteristics of Pyrophyllite

Pyrophyllite has fine texture, low hardness (1-2°), density 2.65-2.90g/cm3, refractoriness >1700°C, good insulation and thermal insulation, stable chemical properties, and can only be decomposed by sulfuric acid at high temperatures.
Pyrophyllite ores are often light yellow, creamy white, gray-green, and other colors. If iron oxides or mercury are contained, they are brownish red or blood red. Waxy luster, slippery, often dense lumps, leaf-shaped, variants with radial shape.
The production of pure pyrophyllite mineral aggregates is rare in nature, and they are generally produced as aggregates of similar minerals. The ore is mainly lumpy, but also earthy and fibrous. The main associated minerals are quartz, kaolinite, diaspore, sericite, pyrite, etc.


Application field of Pyrophyllite

Papermaking: used as a filler to increase the density, smoothness, uniformity, softness, and printability of paper. Pyrophyllite with a flaky structure is used as a coating in the production of coated paper. The particle size of the paper filler is -0.074mm, and the whiteness is 90%; the paper coating requires -2μm>90% and the whiteness>90%.
Plastics: Under the action of coupling agent, the surface organophilic properties are enhanced, the strength and stiffness of the filler used in plastics -0.15mm>98%, whiteness 70~80%, moisture content <0.5%, containing pyrophyllite 80~85 %.
Rubber: Used as a blending agent to smooth the surface of the rubber and increase wear resistance and strength. Used for cables to prevent asphalt adhesion -0.044mm>98%, Fe2O3<1~1.5%, loss on ignition <80%, moisture content <0.5%, 80~85% pyrophyllite.
Others: fillers and brighteners for white cotton cloth and fireproof cloth; fillers and lubricants for candy, medicine, cosmetics ingredients; raw materials for enamel glaze; admixtures for welding rods; addition of color pencil leads to increase the smoothness of writing.
Pyrophyllite powder has many uses. The pyrophyllite grinding machine can grind the pyrophyllite powder to about 80-3000 mesh pyrophyllite powder, which can give full play to the use of pyrophyllite powder.

The production process of pyrophyllite mineral powder

1. Crushing stage: Large pieces of material are crushed by the crusher to the fineness (15mm-50mm) that can enter the mill.

2. Grinding stage: Small pieces of material that meet the conditions for entering the mill are uniformly and quantitatively fed into the grinding chamber of the mill through the conveying and feeding system, and pulverized in the grinding cavity.

3. Classification stage: the ground material will be classified by the classifier along with the airflow of the system, and the unqualified powder will be classified by the classifier and returned to the main machine grinding cavity for re-grinding.

4. Powder collection stage: The powder that meets the fineness enters the powder collection system with the airflow through the pipeline, and the gas and powder are separated. The finished powder is sent to the finished product silo by the conveying device and then is packaged by a powder tanker or an automatic baler.


Coarse flour process:

1. Crushing stage: Large pieces of material are crushed by the crusher to the fineness (15mm-50mm) that can enter the mill.

2. Pulverizing stage: the small pieces of material that meet the conditions of entering the mill are uniformly and quantitatively fed into the mill by the conveying and feeding system, and can be formed at one time.

80~600 mesh pyrophyllite powder production equipment

Raymond Mill
Pyrophyllite is coarsely crushed into pyrophyllite fine material by the crusher, stored in the storage bin, and then conveyed to the belt feeder by the elevator, and the belt feeder uniformly feeds the main machine of the Raymond mill. The fine pyrophyllite material is ground and ground The roller squeezes into a fine powder, and the high-pressure wind generated by the fan blows the fineness through the screen on the top of the mill. The qualified (fine enough) pyrophyllite powder can pass, and the unqualified (large diameter) cannot pass. Then it falls back into the main body of the Raymond mill and is again lifted by the shovel to be sent between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, and then ground again until the fineness is qualified. The powder up to the standard of fineness is sent to the dust collector by the air pipe, and then loaded into the packaging machine by the discharge valve at the bottom of the dust collector and packed into the bag.
raymond mill

To bring out the use of pyrophyllite powder and create economic value with the use of pyrophyllite powder, it can be realized by using a pyrophyllite Raymond mill. Learn more about Raymond mill.

325~3000 mesh pyrophyllite powder equipment

Ultrafine vertical mill, Micro powder grinding mill
The micro-powder grinding mill can be used to produce 325-3000 mesh powder. It is suitable for non-metallic mines with Mohs hardness less than 9.3. Now it is widely used in ore mining, chemical industry, coatings, papermaking, and other fields. The micro-powder mill has a small footprint, simple operation, convenient maintenance, high efficiency, and low energy consumption. It is a very cost-effective ore milling machine. More about micro powder grinding mill.
ultrafine powder grinder

The ultra-fine vertical mill has been upgraded in the function of the micro-powder mill to meet the needs of large-volume production, save 20~30% power consumption compared with the ball mill. The functions included are: crushing, drying, grinding, separating, and conveying. You can learn more about Ultrafine vertical mill.
vertical roller mill