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FW Multi-head Classifier

Processing ability: 1-15t/h

Max feeding size: 45mm

Product Fineness:

Range of application:ores like limestone, dolomite, talc, calcite, gypsum, calcium carbonate,etc.

  • Overview

    FW Multi-head Classifier is mainly applied to classify 3-45 microns ultrafine powders. It is not only classfy scalable spherical, flake, needle-like particles, but also for the particles with different densities.

    The whole classifying system consist of classifier and cyclone separator, dust cleaner and blower.The materials are sent to the separating field by inhalling of air blowder from bottom feeding inlet. Coarse and fine materials are separated by powerful centrifugal force generated by high spped rotating classifying turbine. The qualified fine powder are sent to cyclone separator or dust cleaner to be collected by claasifier blade; the unqualified coarse powder with little fine powders hit the classifier surface and fall down to the second air inlet along the cylinder wall. The coarse and fine powders are separated by the strong screening effect of secondary air. The fine powders are brought to separating field for secondary classification, the coarse powders fall down and are discharged.

  • Benefit

    1. The fineness can reach D97(2-45micron) and be adjusted which is conveninent to change different fineness product.

    2. Classification efficiency can reach 60%-80%.

    3. Horizontal classifying turbine unit with high speed and accurate vertex cutting.

    4. Can be used with ball mill, vibration mill, Raymond mill and other grinding equipment to form a closed loop.

    5. PLC automatic control system, running real-time display, easy to operate.

    6. Negative pressure operation, dust emission do not exceed 40mg/m³. Noise is lower than 75dB(A) through soundproof measures.

  • Specifications

    Model FW630/3 FW630/4 FW630/6 FW800/3 FW800/4 FW800/6
    Capacity(t/h) 1-5 2-8 3-10 2-8 3-10 5-15
    Partical size(mm) 3-45 3-45 3-45 4-45 4-45 4-45
    Efficiency(100%) 60-80 60-80 60-80 60-80 60-80 60-80
    Power(kw) 135-155 170-190 250-290 180-200 220-290 290-390

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