Shanghai Clirik Machinery Professional Grinding Mill Manufacturer in China

Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co. Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of grinding mills, stone powder grinding mill, Raymond mill, vertical roller mill, we are full experience of all kinds grinding machines, and we are often be called "grinding expert" in the industry.


  • - Build a "green mine", starting from Clirik

    With the development and rise of the mining industry in the past few years, the demand for mineral resources has increased, which has led to the industrial chain engaged in the mining industry. However, in recent years, the mining output val...

  • + Tire cracking and fine grinding production line equipment

    Under the background of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, the market prospect of waste tire pyrolysis carbon black is very broad. More and more enterprises are optimistic about the market prospect of comprehensive utilization of waste tires. With the continuous increase of the national environme...

  • + What are the new vertical mills?

    In the field of mineral powder grinding, vertical mills are more commonly used, and everyone should be familiar with them. Someone recently proposed the concept of a new type of vertical mill, so what kind of equipment does the new type of vertical mill refer to? What are the new vertical mills?1. I...

  • + What kind of machine is easy to use for construction waste sand making machine?

    Construction waste contains a large number of commercial concrete blocks, cement blocks, masonry, slag, waste tiles, waste glass, etc. These are actually not garbage, but important raw materials that can be turned into sand and gravel aggregates. After sorting and removing Finally, it can be turned...