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With the development and rise of the mining industry in the past few years, the demand for mineral resources has increased, which has led to the industrial chain engaged in the mining industry. However, in recent years, the mining output val

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Build a "green mine", starting from Clirik

Source:clirik- Posted:2021-06-02

With the development and rise of the mining industry in the past few years, the demand for mineral resources has increased, which has led to the industrial chain engaged in the mining industry. However, in recent years, the mining output value has gradually declined. China is still in the stage of industrialization. The demand will remain high. Mining, an industry that plays a fundamental role in the economy, has experienced such a decline, which deserves our high alert. The decline of the mining industry is not only related to the safe supply of mineral resources, but also to the sustainable development of the regional economy. So why has the output value of the mining industry declined in recent years? Where is the problem? See the analysis of the editor
In the process of the booming mining industry, our living environment has suffered certain damage. According to the "National Soil Pollution Survey Communiqué" published by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Land and Resources: "The overall state of the soil environment in the country is not optimistic. The soil pollution in some areas is heavy, and the soil environmental problems in abandoned industrial and mining wastelands are prominent. Man-made efforts by industry, mining and agriculture Activities and high soil environmental background values ??are the main reasons for soil pollution or exceeding the standards.
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In addition, in recent years, the haze problem has been serious, which has directly caused widespread public attention. For ordinary people, because they have no direct experience, part of the solid waste pollution and water pollution caused by the mining of mines comes from the unsatisfactory dust removal effect of the previous equipment. In recent years, the smog army has directly threatened our daily lives, forcing the whole country to make up their minds to control pollution. Mining is one of the sources of pollution, and guilt is inevitable.
In recent years, a topic that has attracted attention is "green mines". "Green mines" refers to the whole process of mineral resource development. It is necessary to strictly implement scientific and orderly mining, and to control the disturbance of the mining area and surrounding environment in an environmentally controllable manner. Within range. Many people have pointed out that it is important to improve the utilization of resources. The concept of "green mines" extends from pure environmental protection to comprehensive utilization of resources. We pack all the legal and regulatory issues, technical equipment issues, resource protection and rational utilization issues, land issues, community issues, and corporate culture issues that exist in all mines and solve them through "green mines". All these problems have been solved, which is a "green mine".
The mining area of ??the mining industry used to be dusty and noisy. The waste was piled everywhere, and the surrounding residents were afraid to dry their clothes outside. But now, it's completely different. When you come to the site of Clirik's ultra-fine grinding production line, the efficient pulse dust collector captures the dust. The sky is blue at the scene, and the muffler is used to reduce the noise, and there will be no more harsh machine operating noises. , Very environmentally friendly and clean, this is just a microcosm of Clirik's contribution to the realization of a "green mine" in the mining area.
After the “green mine” was proposed, the milling industry was highly competitive. To better adapt to the development of the environmental protection market, the mills produced must pay attention to the concept of environmental protection and energy conservation. Clirik has never forgotten his original intention, and has carried out a comprehensive upgrade and transformation of the traditional milling machine system and structure, abandoning the defects of high power consumption, high energy consumption, high dust, and large noise in the old mill. The new design of the mill is in line with the country. Energy saving and environmental protection standards.
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Advantages of the new energy-saving mill:
1. Low carbon and environmental protection
The new-type air self-circulation system and shock absorption structure design reduce dust spillage and body vibration. In addition, the unique pulse dust collector and muffler have dual dust and noise reduction functions. The environmental protection concept is carried out to the end, and the grinding workshop is completely realized. Dust and silent work.
2. Energy saving and high yield
Low power consumption, more energy saving, stand-alone equipment energy saving 65%, system energy saving is 1.5 times that of traditional mills, and under the same model, its production capacity is increased by 20%-30% compared with ordinary mills, realizing high-yield grinding.
3. Security and intelligence
The beautiful arc-shaped appearance design makes the equipment operation easier and safer, and the electrical system adopts centralized intelligent control. The milling workshop can be unmanned. The finished fine powder produced is uniform, meticulous, and high-purity. The screening rate is 99.9 %.
With the rapid development of the country’s industrialization, people’s awareness of environmental protection is increasing day by day. Mine environmental protection and energy conservation are becoming more and more important. Green mines are now a hot topic in the mining industry. The country also pays close attention to the conservation and comprehensive utilization of mineral resources. To realize the "green mine" Clirik will continue to work hard and continuously improve!