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Kaolin industrial ultrafine powder grinding mill is an efficient stone powder making machine, it can grind kaolin into a fine powder(150-3000 mesh).

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Kaolin industrial ultrafine powder grinding mill

Source:clirik- Posted:2021-09-03

Kaolin industrial ultrafine powder grinding mill is an efficient stone powder making machine, it can grind kaolin into a fine powder(150-3000 mesh). In addition, it can grind other 100+ kinds of non-matellic ores, such as calcite, culcium carbonate, limestone, dolomite, etc.
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What is kaolin?

Pure kaolin has the properties of high whiteness, softness, easy dispersion and suspension in water, good plasticity, high cohesiveness, and excellent electrical insulation properties.

After pulverized and calcined, kaolin can be used in dozens of industries such as papermaking, ceramics, rubber, chemicals, coatings, etc. due to its appropriate whiteness and particle size.

The design of the kaolin milling production line has a small investment in the production process and a high rate of return.

Kaolin processing process

The kaolinite grinding production line is carefully designed according to the customer’s site investigation and combined with the actual requirements of the customer. The equipment used includes jaw crushers, ultrafine grinding mills, bucket elevators, electromagnetic vibrating feeders, fans, Analysis machine and related auxiliary equipment.

1. Crushing link: mainly for crushing kaolinite ore. Jaw crusher can be selected to crush kaolinite. The jaw crusher has a large feed port and is a common equipment for coarse crushing. If the kaolinite particles are relatively large, a multi-stage crushing process may be used.

2. Grinding link: The crushed kaolin is pulverized by an ultra-fine grinder, the fineness can reach 150-3000 mesh, and the fineness can be adjusted freely. The kaolin is pulverized by a industrial ultrafine grinding mill, and the powder that meets the fineness standard is selected by the classifier.
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3. Calcining process: the calcining of kaolin can increase its whiteness. The low-grade kaolin can also be washed with water to purify the kaolin, and then calcined. During calcining, add 1-3% of the total weight of the whitening aid, and then calcined to become the finished product.

Kaolin industrial ultrafine grinding mill configuration

The HGM series ultra-fine pulverizer independently developed and produced by CLIRIK is a high-efficiency, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and pollution-free industrial pulverizer. The fineness of this equipment can be adjusted between 150-3000 meshes, and the output is 0.2-45t per hour. It is suitable for grinding non-metallic ores with Mohs hardness less than 6.

Advantages of HGM series ultrafine grinding mills:

Small footprint, simple operation, convenient maintenance, no need to shut down for maintenance, you can refuel the machine while working. Stable operation and long service life.

If you are interested in our ultrafine mills, please feel free to contact us. You only need to provide grinding materials and production requirements, and you can get a professional production line configuration plan for free.